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Friday, February 17, 2012

Road Courtesy Where

I should have posted this a couple of days ago, but I was pretty sick.

Anyway, South Luzon Expressway is my daily route to work and I have posted quite a number of not so happy experiences I had taking that way.

The accident that took place last rainy Monday afternoon, February 13, involving a JAC Liner bus that hit the railings along Alabang Viaduct, and tilted on its side is something no one wants to see happen but will definitely happen as long as we have drivers who disregard traffic rules.

The bus driver claimed he was running 60 kph, that the road was slippery, and that the brakes failed. That's a lot of crap. The video clearly shows a bus running like it was after the devil. In my years of driving and commuting down SLEX, I have not seen a bus run 60 kph, rain or shine, night or day. Except perhaps when a bus suffers a breakdown or when it is just impossible to run faster than 60 kph (road under construction,nd bumper to bumper traffic).

But bus drivers aren't the worse kinds. Private vehicle drivers who take the Filinvest Corporate City streets are no better. Each day (every day of the work week) there are two or three drivers (my maximum count was 5) who drive through the red lights at intersections of Filinvest in Alabang. This morning, in fact, a white SUV abruptly swerved to my lane (leftmost part reserved for those turning left) as I was approaching it, and zoomed past the red traffic light. This car and the others like it are bound for Ayala Alabang, Westgate, Northgate, and Madrigal business districts. And you'd think road courtesy levels up when...Oh, never mind. It is still crap.

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