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Thursday, February 9, 2012

"Biggest Joke of the Century: Supreme Court of the Philippines." I Second the Motion.

Chief Justice Renato Corona is under an impeachment trial. He goes to the office he leads and uses it to protect him. How convenient!

Now the Supreme Court has granted the petition of PSBank to withhold production and disclosure of the Chief Justice's dollar account before the impeachment court. Why? Because PSBank is afraid of violating the Foreign Currency Law. Surely it is okay to trample upon the rights of the people to know the truth, but it is unthinkable to compromise their business interests.

And the Supreme Court bought that shit. Eight justices bought that shit. Forgive me for the language. Five voted against it. Two inhibited. One of the two is Chief Justice Corona himself. He should have joined the eight to form the lucky nine. He couldn't have possibly been ashamed of himself. Delicadeza is obviously alien to him.

Today is the first time I've watched this trial, and what a waste of my time. What a joke! What a sick, sick joke!

I should have tuned in to Discovery Channel, and watched primates soak in spa instead.

NOTE: I am not the first to call the Supreme Court the "biggest joke" in recent history. Senior Associate Justice Conchita Carpio-Morales did last year. I am just seconding the motion.

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