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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentine's Day

The President's Executive Assistant e-mailed us her thoughts on Valentine's Day talking about a student who asked her, "Is love legally demandable?" She teaches Obligations and Contracts in one college.

She said although love is a basic right and "no state, law or government may take that away from you," we cannot "sue a person before a court of law compelling that person to love you."


And because yesterday Valentine's Day was our Mancom, I asked the EA, "Is kindness legally demandable during financial reports?" She must have told the boss about it, he ordered tons of ice cream to be served during the meeting. I wasn't floored by the gesture, just huh?! Too bad I'm not an ice cream fan. This in the same league with pizza and ice cream and sugared coffee.

On Valentine's Day, it is sweetness I walked all over. I bought this pair because the shoes I was wearing had broken when I slipped. Yeah, Happy Valentine's Day! Why red? VNC offered 25% off on red and pink shoes ONLY.

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