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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

A Breath of Fresh Air From A Singaporean

A Singaporean friend has sent a message to another friend over FB: "Hi! How are you? When are you visiting Singapore? I miss the Philippines!"

This while "Hong Kong is furious." (PDI)

MZ visited the Philippines for a business trip last year. Being her counterparts, we gave her and her colleagues a city tour -- Alabang, Greenbelt, Megamall and Eastwood. Her first trip to the Philippines and she was amazed and couldn't believe that it was the Philippines she heard about and saw from the news! She calls the Philippines an unforgettable country with warm people and great food. And we haven't even taken her outside Metro Manila!

She loved, loved Goldilocks polvoron and ensaymada and brought home boxes and boxes of them we wondered how she got away with them at the airport - ours and theirs.

She was impressed at the "way we prepare our food" (Goldilocks??? ) and the "care that's always put into it." She loved the experience so much that when we visited her in Singapore she had to warn us that we should not expect food in Singapore to be as good as those in the Philippines.

When the whole Chinese world is against us, this one Singaporean-Chinese sends a message and says she misses the Philippines!

There really is still hope in the world.


  1. Again, media is blowing this all out of proportion. One DH loses her job in HK over this and there is this HATRED in HK against Pinoys. WTF? One out of 120,000? The percentage is overwhelming!

    Read my blog update tomorrow. I have more goodies from ABS-CBN. This morning sana, yun lang, naka schedule ang thank you note ko sa ex girlfriend ko e. So wait lang ha? :)

  2. Media won't still own up. Tsk Tsk Tsk. Now, whenever the TV is turned on to a local tv channel, I switch it off. Remote has been sabotaged by my two-year old nephew. Again! :(