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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

A Fangirl's Love Song

Your back is bent and shoulders down.
That forehead folds into a frown.
Your eyes squint not the usual smile.
Your lips form into a line.

The burning cold piercing your bone
Is the same fire that melts my own. With a sound,
Your breathing's slow and long and shallow.
Let me hold my breath to join you.

Your world is wrapped in a ball of darkness.
By the fuzz and haze, the sound is silenced.
They forget all that you are in the beginning.
They remember only what went wrong that stupid evening.

With every wrong, another one is made.
Here go those endless domino mistakes.
You cannot seem to do a single right
And cannot will the day to please just stop!

You smile your silent sighs. Hand-tied,
you mask a front that tried to look still dignified.
I cannot dare to watch it all. A dust in the universe,
I send you love, not that it makes a difference.