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Monday, May 28, 2012

Code Red

Chief Justice Renato Corona has finally admitted to having four dollar accounts, not eighty-two as reported by the Anti-Money Laundering Council (AMLC) and presented by Ombudsman Morales. That the accounts contain only $2.4 million, not $10-12 million as reported by the same. Be that as it may, he did not declare them in his statements of assets, liabilities, and net worth (SALN) because declaring his dollar deposits would be going against the Foreign Currency Deposits Act (FCDA). Wow, what a genius!

Does Corona know any other government employee or officer who does the same? With whom does he exchange notes ? Seriously, is this a practice people in the government do, but just won't talk about it because it is ill? Ill and evil, but it's there? Not in the book, but it is there? Or is this just another legalistic alibi Corona uses to get away with crime?

What then is the use of issuing SALN if you can hide your other assets behind dollar accounts with the absolute protection of the foreign currency deposits act? Pray tell!

“I have more responsibility than you can fathom.           
You weep for Santiago and curse the Marines.           
You don't know what I know.
Santiago's tragic death saved lives.         
And my existence, while grotesque to you, saves lives!         
But deep down, in places you don't talk about at parties, -           
- you need me on that wall.            
We use words like honour, code, loyalty.
They're the backbone of our lives.
You use them as a punchline!
I haven't the time or inclination to explain myself -
- to a man who needs my protection - but questions the way I do it.
Better just to thank me.
Or pick up a gun and stand a post.
But I don't give a damn what you think you are entitled to!”

“Did you order the Code Red?”

“You're goddamn right I did!”

Corona must have thought he could pull out a Jack Nicholson with his acting. But his excuses are lame and his acting pathetic.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012


You disrespected the Filipino people by walking out of the impeachment court. You made a mockery of The Supreme Court by shedding crocodile tears after churning out motherhood statements all three hours you hugged the limelight to yourself.

You were there as a witness to be cross-examined that you might have shed light to the "lantern of lies" you so vehemently deny, and other vengeful acts against you by the Aquino administration, as you so tearfully lament. But you pulled a DJ Mo Twister act and delivered a monologue all three long hours. When you were done with your one-man show, after signing a waiver allowing your bank accounts to be opened that holds true only if half of the country signs a waiver too, you, the Chief Justice of the Republic of the Philippines "wished to be excused," closed your script, turned your back, and walked out.

Thank God for Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile's quick wit, you were locked in before you could pull a Houdini. Half an hour later, your relative and one of your defense lawyers talked to the press to announce you have a "slight" medical problem caused by the dropping of your blood sugar, and other medical possibilities, which once again proves that in this country, lawyers hold two degrees: law and medicine.

After some grave threats from JPE who got so angry enough to put the Hulk to shame, Corona appeared in a wheelchair before the court. What a foolery!

If he was feeling faint to continue, how hard was it to speak so? If the way he just walked out of the room, so full of himself, appeared like he was going to faint, as his counsel Cuevas claimed half an hour later, then I am Lady Gaga.

JPE's shining moment was when he castigated Cuevas for Corona's misbehavior in the presence of the Chief Justice himself, but Enrile directed all his wrath to Cuevas as if Corona was not there in his wheelchair listening. Enrile was like a grade school principal reprimanding a parent (Cuevas) for raising a brat (Corona.)

Corona ought to have been cited for contempt, or may be not if he pleads temporary loss of sanity. But fainting spells? Ano ka, tiyahin ni Scarlet O'Hara?