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Thursday, November 24, 2011


Sometimes, you just have to keep quiet and listen to other sounds to shut the noise out. Where I am isn't the best place in the world. Thank you for something like this.

It Will Rain (Live Performance) Bruno Mars; The X Factor USA

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Pacquiao Won the Fight

I might have noted my respect on the way Juan Manuel Marquez performed in the ring with Manny Pacquiao last Sunday, but I believe and I know it to be true that Pacquiao won the fight.

For someone who has followed Pacquiao's career since the time he would drink water from a Sprite pet bottle in between rounds (This with much influence from my father who loves boxing and basketball next to my mother.), I have not lost faith in the innate and almost supernatural strength and agility that he has. Depending on the outcome of his fights, one might think these gifts have been polished by techniques and strategies or corrupted by them. In his last fight, I believe it was the latter.

To those who think and believe Marquez won the fight, they may have not considered that to snatch the crown from the defending champion, you cannot appear to be slightly better than the champion. You have to dominate the champion, to force him down his knees, and snap the daylights out of him. As the contender, you have to prove so much more than the champion.

Marquez might have been brilliant in his counterpunches, but it was Pacquiao who landed the solid ones forcing Marquez to backpedal and wobble and sit on air benches.

Roach's technique might have been to tire Marquez down, thinking Marquez is one of those Dela Hoyas who lose the juice as age advances. Thus, it was only in the last three rounds that we see a shadow of the Pacquiao we used to see fight. But Marquez is no Dela Hoya, we know that now.

Tonight, Pacquiao admitted to having leg cramps starting at the second round which prevented him from doing the in-and-out footwork. But now isn't the time to make excuses and admissions. But my take on this is that he over-trained and went too technical while his groupies went overboard in confidence.

So, do I still want to see him fight Mayweather? Of course. Only Pacquiao can mount a bid to re-arrange that "pretty face" and dress that chicken down to drumsticks.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Amazing JuanMa

At 38, Juan Manuel Marquez boxing the way he did yesterday was amazing. Add to that: against the world's new poster boy of boxing Manny Pacquiao.

Setting aside Filipino pride, I give utmost respect to the man who deserves it: Marquez.

As for Manny, a strategy is just that: a strategy. It doesn't always work. Boxing isn't chess where strategy works 100% of the time (or I may be wrong here.). Boxing is about fiery passion and a hungry heart fighting to get what it wants. And Manny, JuanMa got both yesterday.

Manny played chess. JuanMa played boxing.