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Friday, August 27, 2010

Don't Throw Your Pearls to the Pigs

Like Karen Davila, Mel Tiangco and Mike Enriquez. These people talk back and throw wordy daggers at people who criticize media. They have found the weapon and power behind microphones and have been irresponsibly using them so. This has been acknowledged, and disappointingly so, when Noynoy had to send his officials to a seminar on how to deal with media. How disgusting! Who are we pleasing here?

The media, it now seems, find themselves the C-officials in Noynoy's You're-My-Boss government. Don't we notice, media thrive better in governments so rottenly corrupt; the latter are at their beck and call lest they be featured in IMBESTIGADOR?

Media pros in the Philippines are the kings of the world; the messiahs of the underdogs. We almost always go to media personalities than to the police to complain against abusive government officials. We return lost-and-found valuables to radio stations, not to police stations. A product or service that we purchased or subscribed to sucked and we threaten the companies bad exposure to media.

The Mangundadatu's found themselves defenseless, they took refuge in the media. We now know what happened after that.

Ex-police officer Mendoza wanted his job back, hostaged a busload of tourists, paraded them in Quirino Grandstand and displayed his "cause" in front of the media. We, too, know what happened after that.

Now, people are telling media to hold their horses and control their scoop-first mentality, but the stalwarts say we don't know what we're talking about; that we aren't the experts in journalism. Yeah, right. They are the only ones who know their business.

When we complain about the abuses of media, where do we go? No where. So we blog ourselves hoarse instead.

No, we can never throw our pearls to the pigs. They will trample them under their feet.


  1. First, it's Tiangco. Second, I've been part of media. Still am (I suppose). Because I was "junior" when I was in mainstream media, my little disappointments were of little consequence to the "established" personalities. But hey, that never stopped me from telling them what I thought. I hope I moved mainstream media by an inch or two in the right direction. It's not much. But I did what I could do. And will continue trying to move it, inch by inch, where it ought to be. Casting pearls before swine, it mostly is, I admit. But hey, still better than surrendering willingly to the idiocy of it all. And so allow me to blog myself hoarse. And by that effort, I hope my dear friends who are still in ABS-CBN and GMA news get to read my blog.

  2. thank you for the correction. Tiangco, it is.