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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

How Girls Deal

A friend has just sent me a long ranting text that I deleted as soon as I replied to it. The text went something like, "I know you consider me a PEST when I call or text you. We used to hang out a lot but since you got that BF of yours...yada yada yada...You ought to give me credit for having survived life, etc..."

Half an hour ago, she called me at the office, wanted to chat and asked about this guy I WAS dating. I told her I didn't want to talk about it. I was also pretty straightforward in telling her I had to go because hey! I'm at work and it's only a little past 8. I need to prepare for a meeting. She was home watching Velvet TV.

Then this text. Talk about justice in the world.

The guy she was so anxious about, the boyfriend she thought I had, and I have not met for close to month already. And as we speak I have been trying to find out what went wrong and what was wrong with me: why my relationships don't end up like the ones in the movies; why my relationships end up like those written by Nobel awardees: bleak, sad, stream of consciousness reality.

Girls have different ways in dealing with broken hearts. Some assemble a conference. Others do text and e-mail blasts. Others cut their hair, go shopping, eat chocolates, ice cream and cakes, cook and go fat and ugly. Some drink. Some make booty calls to ex-boyfriends (not the most recent one, of course).

I DON'T. I get on with life. I keep the mashed heart to myself while I put on a smile and a happy mood. I look more beautiful.

I carry it so grandly this so-called friend accuses me of having the time of my life with this guy who in fact dumped me for no #$@&*^*($*!!&* APPARENT reason!

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