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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

When the Bus Flew Off Skyway

December 16, 2013. I left Southwoods Exit at 4:50 AM. South Luzon Expressway was pitch dark save for the headlights of vehicles taking the route. The roads were slippery from the rains. These two are ingredients for disaster. Never mind who is cooking. I took the third lane, running between 60-80 kph for safety while vehicles whizzed me by. I wondered what important matters they needed to deal with to risk it.

At about a quarter after 5, I was under the Skyway along SLEX. The concrete road was dry. The Skyway kept the rains to itself.

Without me realizing it, a few minutes later, a red bus would fly off from above it, killing dozens, injuring more.

At 5:45 AM, I reached the Pope Pius Catholic Center and joined friends in what was left of the 4:30 AM Misa de Gallo. The celebration took longer than scheduled. The Choir sang some carols as we made our way out of the Church.

But back in SLEX below the Skyway...