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Monday, February 20, 2012

Whitney's Eulogy By Bodyguard

No, this is not the eulogy delivered by Kevin Costner for Whitney Houston. This is the eulogy given by Ray Watson, Whitney's bodyguard of eleven years.

He said: "We gotta give a little back to all our entertainers. We gotta treat them with dignity and treat them with love and start really caring for them. It means so much that we just give a little love and not just buy their tickets. We buy their tickets then we go home. They give their lives to you. They're not with their families. They're in and out, onstage, offstage, on planes, off planes, on buses traveling, doing everything so we can have some entertainment. Whether they own a court or whether they own a stage, whether it'd be on TV, they've given us entertainment to make our lives just a little brighter and our nights a little smoother. So let's give it back to them. Let's give them love other than just a ticket. This lady right here (pointed at Whitney's casket), she loved you. And I know that. I was with her every day almost."

What a lovely insight! This received a resounding applause and several standing ovations from the audience at the funeral service.

Entertainers, like doctors and teachers, are individuals who have their own place in the sun for a reason, with a special purpose. Yes, we gossip about our teachers. We talk about the boss's current woman. But nobody's personal life gets ripped apart and ridiculed than a celebrity's. We say it comes with fame and fortune. A little price to pay for owning part of the world.

As it is, talent is not enough to entertain us. We need scandals. We need to see them break down, to be at their worst; to see them get busted for drugs; to watch them handcuffed; to see them ugly like their mascara running ugly. We need to see them live life worse than we live ours. We make them our excuses for being mediocre.

Superstars in whatever field got to where they are because no one else did it better at the time they got there. They were raw and perfect with dreams and talents. Then we start screwing it all up for them.

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