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Monday, June 11, 2012

And He Lost

After seven years and 15 straight wins.

In a split decision his opponent didn't deserve.

But he shouldn't have left his fate to boxing judges in the first place.

He's had bouts that ended in decisions way too many. Boxing isn't and shouldn't be about judges' decisions.

Manny Pacquiao was the clear winner in the Pacman-Bradley fight had the judges not suffered Saramago's unexplained "white blindness."

But Pacman should have done better. He's set the bar so high in this era's boxing, he's found himself struggling to reach it. And failed.

Interesting news:

Pacquiao vs. Bradley bets refunded by Irish betting site

An Irish betting site is refunding bettors their Manny   Pacquiao vs. Timothy Bradley bets. (Joe Klamar/Getty Images)

The day after the stunning split decision that gave Timothy Bradley a controversial victory over Manny Pacquiao, an Irish betting site is refunding Pacquiao betters in what it calls a “justice payout.”
Paddy Power, Ireland’s largest telephone betting service, issued this statement on its blog on Sunday:

It was a result that stunned the world, even by modern professional boxing standards. Last night in Las Vegas the brilliant Filipino Manny Pacquiao lost his WBO welterweight belt to Timothy Bradley in a controversial split-decision defeat.
With that Paddy Power has rolled out one of our famous Justice Payouts. If you had placed a bet on Manny to win in a pre-fight outright or on points, that money is now back in your account. We Hear You!

On Sunday, Floyd Mayweather Sr. also blasted the decision, saying that the judges of the Pacquiao-Bradley fight need to “find a new job.”
“I feel like Pacquiao won the fight but I am not going to sugarcoat nothing. The last fight belonged to Marquez,” Mayweather said while referring to Pacquiao’s majority decision win over Juan Manuel Marquez this past November. “This one belonged to Pacquiao. I’m calling it like it is,” Mayweather continued.
The boxing world reacted with collective shock when the judges handed the split decision to Bradley. That decision came despite Pacquiao landing almost 100 more punches throughout the fight. He also landed more punches in 10 of 12 rounds.

“Can you believe that? Unbelievable,” said Bob Arum, the fight’s promoter. “I went over to Bradley before the decision and he said, `I tried hard but I couldn’t beat the guy.”‘


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