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Monday, August 2, 2010

Random Thoughts Ba 'Ka Mo?

Not one less. Chinese film about teaching and education. Mga Munting Tinig. Ferris Bueller's Day Off.

Nape aches.

Heavy rains caught my room unprepared. Open Windows = Soaked curtains, bed sheets and pillows.

Salem bed isn't waterproof.

My most recent Ex- requested me to add him as a friend. Ako naman si tanga, in-add s'ya!

At 41, someone died of cardiac arrest at 5 AM and was cremated at 2 PM the same day. WTF!! Didn't he have friends? Family? Did he actually live?

Robin Padilla almost got himself married to Vina Morales, but he got someone else pregnant so he married the latter instead. Very news worthy indeed!


  1. I do not know why this post is funny. It just is. And oh, me and my friend have the same funeral arrangements with your dead guy. Same day cremation (once they've harvested all the useful organs in my body, that is, since I am a donor). My death will not be any more tragic than my life. Do not cry for me then. Cry for me now. Haha!

  2. what, pray tell, is the funny part? vina almost became mrs. padilla or salem isn't waterproof? :P

  3. That your ex is now your FB friend. :D