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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Nothing that I Need

One of Coelho's tweets: "Don't hate God for not giving what you want. Thank Him for giving you what you need."

I have a pretty long list of the things that I want. But right now, I cannot, for the love of fries, enumerate what I need. I have this opinion that a need is a need if you don't have it. And today, there is nothing I need that I don't have. Need is something you must have to live and breathe NOW. I'm still alive, so you see everything I need is all here. I always live in the NOW. As for tomorrow, may God help me.

I am living out a dream. I just I have to declare that to the universe.


  1. god WILL help you out. He's a real G :)

  2. I am going to need you to talk and convince my GF about this. Oh not just her, include also ALL the exes. lol. How many shoes and bags does a woman "need"?

  3. Well, I have about three dozens of shoe pairs here. And I'm telling you, i NEED them all! :P