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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Second Sex

My colleague has no compunction telling the world that his wife has just been officially named as the President of the Bank she works for. And what bank!

How many men could be as open-minded?

This generation has seen the surge of women doing better than men in the workplace. And we thank the likes of Virginia Woolf and Sylvia Plath and Simone de Beauvoir for having put forward the cause of women so the second sex could be heard.

We do not compete with the other gender. We just thank heavens that competition is no longer about physical strength.

I've read the Book of Genesis a month ago and finally I have forgiven the men of old for not knowing any better.


  1. Women equality? I am all for it! I say GO WOMEN! But actually, I believe I am getting the short end of the stick. Like the modern sophisticated man my mom raised me to be, I do not subscribe to the traditional male-female roles. I've done more than my fair share of the laundry, cooking, grocery shopping, washing dishes, and I pay the rent, the utilities and the grocery bills, and yet after 6 years and 2 live-in GFs, not once did any one of them take the garbage out. Lol. (and no, the 2 GFs were not concurrent -- 3 months apart, I move on fast). Tell me why this is so?

  2. 3 months apart? dear lord! :P women equality across the board? nah. i'm only for equal opportunities, meaning equal opportunities despite. more than my strength, i am conscious of my weaknesses. i still go for the traditional male-female roles, but setting aside money and power issues. so the real issue here, i think, is the taking of the garbage out. i think your problem was that you were too eager to show the ex's that you're a superhero. next time, do let the garbage rot. :P

  3. Don't be too shocked, lol! It took me all of 8 hours to get in bed with someone else when the gf left me (she LEFT me, ok?). Me and the current are ok (she, the 3-months-later replacement, and she doesn't know the 3 months thingy, haha). Were going on 5 years this October. :)

    As for your suggestion, I like it, though I don't think I can do it. I am, sadly, OC. And the women in my life, I guess, takes advantage of that. I can't stand unwashed dishes, garbage that needs taking out, unpaid bills, etc.

  4. 8 hours? i salute that 8th-hour woman. :) well, 5 years is no joke. i salute you, too! lol! the women in your life are very lucky! i envy them! :P