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Tuesday, August 31, 2010


I called in sick today.

This cough has been with me for a week now. I have risen to morning fever and muscle pain for a week, too. Yes, I've come to see a doctor yesterday at 5 AM but not for me, but for my nephew who has been showing the same signs for the last 36 hours. My nephew feels better now. And I still am sick and I'm on my second week. I may come see my doctor later, but then I will feel better middle of the day and I will lose the drive to see the Man In White.

I can come to work today, it being like any other day since this cough virus or bacteria (The doctor will have to say which.) hit me. But I choose not to. Today is mancom meeting, my major stressor. And unless I want to die before I bear a child, I may stay well away from it while sick. For now, my boss makes me sick.

There are things I can tolerate. There are things I can put up with. There are things I can stand up to. But in order to live, one has to be a little coward for small things, a little afraid of worms.