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Friday, August 6, 2010

Females, what's with hair?

Ang buhok na walang malay!

From a Yahoo article on Harry Potter's Hermione, Emma Watson's cutting her hair:

"But at 20, the British star seems to be letting go of that image and moving on from the role she stepped into before she was 10 years old (the saga's next-to-the last film comes out this November). And as with most breakups, looks like the inevitable first thing to go is the hair."

Right, so what again is with this "cylindrical, keratinized, often pigmented filaments characteristically growing from our epidermis" particularly on the head?

Is it a matter of cutting one's nose to spite one's face? Or is there really a more profound reason only the Nobel Prize Laureates can explain?

Honestly, I've done the same several times. Poor hair, poor locks, poor crowning glory, poor thing!

You're depressed, therefore, you get a bad hair day. As long as you're depressed you suffer a bad hair day. You look in the mirror and you see your hair a big mess. The hair, not you - a big mess. You're heartbroken. Your hair is limp and dull. But it's your heart that's broken, not your hair, right? Kaya bakit ba lagi na lang pinagdidiskitahan ang buhok?

So perhaps, next time, let's start telling our men, "Oh please, promise you won't break my hair!"

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  1. Maybe because it doesn't feel the way skin does. It isn't painful to cut it off. It crowns the head and frames the face. Some are curly, some are straight. Some people's hair fall off, some go white. There's too much variety regarding hair that fashion through culture developed that cult.

  2. perhaps it is just pure catharsis.

  3. I have my head shaved bald when I break up with someone. And I do not look good bald. Which is precisely the reason why I do it.

  4. Hahaha, I can relate! I remember having my hair permed/curled after ending a relationship with someone. Hay. Mga babae nga naman, lol!