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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Back on the Driver's Seat


I thought sufferings will never end but lo! miracles do happen!

The car looks sleek again. Cursed be the one who dares de-immaculate it!

I'm tired sharing a ride with overweight people who would squeeze me to a pulp in a jeepney that pretends it is an Airbus A380. Perhaps I shouldn't blame the overweight people. But come on! You know you weigh 250 lbs, shouldn't you at least pay for two? Have mercy on people like me who hardly make it to the 110 lbs-mark. And the men! What in heaven's name are you thinking? What seems to be so fragile between your thighs that you have to spread your legs so? If you can't squeeze it in a little bit, then with all humility, you too, pay for two: for you and your thing!

Those among other things.

No, I don't have since-birth driving privileges but when you experience something good, you wouldn't want to go bad.

It is like meeting a perfect guy and losing him. You wish you've never met him so you could sleep soundly at night not knowing there is someone like him out there.

That one is a very poor thought transition. I admit.

But I'm back on the saddle! Yahoo!!

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