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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Last night I thought it was a joke until I read about it in PDI today.

My brother's friend who ran for Kagawad lost via toss coin. So I've been told last night. Macho, his nickname, tied votes with another candidate. To determine the winner, the poll officer tossed a coin. Macho chose heads. The coin showed tails. So there.

My brother pulled his hair out saying his friend would have won had he gone to the polls to vote. Thus, it has been concluded, every vote does count. Literally and figuratively. Never estimate the power of one.

Noynoy's uncle lost. My high school friend won, even getting the highest number of votes. He dropped by the house while I was out. My folks received the thanks.

Still figuring out why Blackberry is called a "smartphone."

The first text I received today was from the CEO. The second from the Ex-SO.

Life is a party! Happy Halloween!


  1. Oh but Halloween does not or should not exist in the Philippines. Happy Undas!

  2. Hard habit to break. Fossilized error.