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Sunday, June 27, 2010


There must be an outbreak or something where I live that everyone has to buy meds at Mercury Drug today. There were far too many people at the store, a little push could have caused a stampede. When suddenly on top of the raucous mob, a female voice spiralled and we all looked.

She raised an item above her head and asked: "What's the difference between Trebreh Ettenom* and Trebreh Aleuriug*?" From behind, a male voice answered confidently, yet politely: "Ma'am, they are quite similar except Trebreh Ettenom has more Elayor* than Trebreh Aleuriug by x%." "How much does Trebreh Aleuriug cost?" The woman asked. "It costs P120, I think. Just a bit lower than Trebreh Ettenom," the man answered. And the conversation went on for a while. But I had fun listening to the exchange while waiting for my drugs, er, cold capsules. The man that had been very professional in answering all the curtomer's query was one of the two security guards watching over the store. I'm not sure if the guards are allowed to do that, but boy! what a refreshing scene to watch!

I don't know with others, but at that time and in my book, that security personnel had more class than some of the top corporate executives I've known.

As I have always believed, there is dignity and elegance in every decent job performed by a decent man loving his job and caring for it. There is just no amount of money that can top that. No company cars, no stock options, no travel incentives. Absolutely none.

*Not real meds. I couldn't remember the name of the items they were talking about. Too complicated sounding for my very limited memory.


  1. For the longest time, I've been wanting to write a fictional short story about the traffic cop who dances (there are a few of them). What makes him do that? What inspires him? I want the story to be poignant and "tragic". I am still chewing on the idea/s. But yeah, there are no small roles, only small actors.

  2. there was one dancing traffic cop at an intersection here in alabang. i don't see him anymore, though.

    here's another example of doing more and being more:


  3. lol! Really funny clip. I enjoyed that. Thanks.