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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Migz, Merci, Angie

I was in a cab from Eastwood going to Megamall when this man on the radio, a politician by the sound of him, started rattling off his achievements and how much they cost and who benefitted. After a minute or so, I recognized him as Migz Zubiri. That he helped build this school, those classrooms, that hospital, those roads; sent hundreds of college students to school, helped countless of sick people get well, and that no one who came to his office left unaided. Wow! Why hadn't I come to his office? He was never absent in congress. He authored hundreds of bills which quite a number were passed into laws.

I started looking for earplugs. What a privilege "I'm the greatest" speech! Then...

He was sincere. He was dedicated. But he was husband first before he was a senator; a father first before a legislator. And because people, majority of them Filipinos, are so fond of "romanticizing the past," he could not do his job as wholeheartedly as before. Anymore.

The past few weeks, people have come out one by one, group by group, giving their own confessions about the fraud in the 2007 elections; revelations that point to him as one of the beneficiaries of the wholesale electoral cheating in Mindanao when the incumbent registered 12 against the opposition's 0, reminiscent of the 2004 scandal when Gloria helloed Garci.

His family: his wife and children suffer every day the news drags his name each time they talk about cheating in the 2007 elections. They have them for breakfast, lunch and dinner. So he resigns. He simply cannot go on with the indignity of it all and pretend it is not happening, half hoping GMA would come to the rescue and release a gag memo. The only problem is we now have a new president and his name isn't Gloria.

So he resigns.

Before him, Merceditas Gutierrez resigned. Before her, a former general put a bullet through his heart.

And CHED would still not budge and sign up for that glorious Twitter account.

I dropped by the mega mall to check if National Bookstore's 70% cut price was real. Bogus. I went home with a book cut down by measly 20%.


  1. You have to hand it to the guy. That was one brilliant political move, and trust me, he will be elected for real in the next elections. The SET was weeks away from declaring Koko as the rightful winner, and then he resigns. He didn't lose 1.5 years! He lost 2-3 weeks (as a fake senator). And the media all missed that little fact.

  2. It will take awhile before I give someone, anyone the benefit of the doubt. A "brilliant political" move it may seem, but it is selfish not heroic as he projects it to be.