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Monday, November 14, 2011

Amazing JuanMa

At 38, Juan Manuel Marquez boxing the way he did yesterday was amazing. Add to that: against the world's new poster boy of boxing Manny Pacquiao.

Setting aside Filipino pride, I give utmost respect to the man who deserves it: Marquez.

As for Manny, a strategy is just that: a strategy. It doesn't always work. Boxing isn't chess where strategy works 100% of the time (or I may be wrong here.). Boxing is about fiery passion and a hungry heart fighting to get what it wants. And Manny, JuanMa got both yesterday.

Manny played chess. JuanMa played boxing.


  1. Marquez won a moral victory, but Manny won the fight. :)

  2. Yes, Manny won the fight. As usual for the last hundred years. :)