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Thursday, December 27, 2012

2012 Musings

Hello, World! I've been too busy to be all lame about it. I've gone back to school in November. As to why I did that, I don't recall anymore but no regrets. Looking back to 2012, what say I?

Well, I was right about saying Pacquiao to quit boxing after the Bradley loss. An opinion over an opinion, of course.

This year has also proven to the skeptics that I was right about trusting Noynoy the presidency. To those who say that all the good news about the rise of Philippine economy are just press releases from the government, you probably don't go to supermarkets to notice that the prices of goods have gone down over the holidays. It is one good indicator that at least the middle class is feeling the effects of good governance. I'm positive that in no time, those in the lower class will feel the effects too.

Lastly, I hope Henry Sy will be more grateful to the Filipino people who have made him a billionaire, by paying his endo employees better, and eventually giving them regularization papers. And not sending them to jail when they are caught eating P23-potato chips while on duty.