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Saturday, July 24, 2010


Yesterday, I was riding a jeepney to Alabang. I was seated at the rear of the PUV. From across me were two women, late twenty-ish, giggling like girls in their puberty. For two minutes, I ignored them. Surely, I also had my i-forgot-i-was-old-and-no-longer-a-teen moments. So I let live for two effortless minutes. Then the giggling went from intriguing to annoying to infuriating. A high school girl to my right was deadpan. Sigh.

I looked at the women to show them they were not pretty acting pretty. Then I got it. They were flirting with this guy in a gray sedan following the jeepney. Then the giggles shot up to the sky. The sedan driver (whom I couldn't see from where I sat) wrote his mobile number on a cardboard and flashed it on his windshield to the giggling girls. The girls where like World Cup anchors giving blow by blow accounts of what the man was doing.

One of the girls registered the number on her cellphone under the name "Textmate Kotse." The gray sedan overtook the jeepney. The girls started texting.

And that was how the cookie crumbled.


  1. Is it just me? Or whatever avatar of Batman says that encounter is begging for a crime?

  2. I overheard one of them girls saying that the other one waved at the car driver to get his attention. So they got it and had the ride of their lives to the City of Aldrin.