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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Beautiful Sunday

Done with my weekly laundry. Just had breakfast. Having a mug of hot weekend taho. Sunshine as far as the mountaintop. Light breeze on leaves of mango trees. Beautiful Sunday.

My dog sleeping at the foot of the bed. Nephews running, giggling bringing shame to musical instruments. Neighbors engaging in friendly banter at the store. Beautiful Sunday.

Now I wonder why I had days worrying about money. And love life. And work. And the world.

It will do me good to remember days that don't need fancy occasions nor posh environs to be beautiful. Days that don't need to be red-lettered to humble the holidays.

Well, all Sundays are red-lettered. It will do a lot of good to the world, if everyone celebrates this weekly holiday. Simply as if it were the first weekend of creation!

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