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Friday, June 4, 2010

Decision Making as an Art

decision making is an art. suffice it to say there is absolutely nothing scientific to it. decision making starts with it being an expression of oneself. there is nothing right or wrong in one's decision at the time it is made. however, the moment it is out and resulting consequences reveal themselves, we judge. then we hear - wrong move; bad choice; foolhardy; could have been better; i-told-you-so.

good or bad results, we find in our midst new insights and additional learnings and experiences.

we fear decisions that can either make or break us. the devil or the deep blue sea.

this morning a decision rests on my shoulders. on my shoulders rest some 20 or so individuals' future.

i don't feel the burden. i know what i'm doing. i've done it before. will gladly do it again.

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