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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

"Media do not invent the news, they merely report it..." Yeah, right!

A letter from two representatives of the National Union of Journalists of the Philippines (NUJP) gets published today via PDI letters to the editor which PDI labeled "P-Noy whining about media again."

Guess what? I'm glad the president and I have something in common. I, too, have tons against Philippine media since the day they made spectacle of human sorrows and tragedy, since the day they turned criminals into heroes, since the day they made corrupt cowards into saints.

NUJP told P-Noy how to run this country: "You want good news? Deliver on your promise of good governance. You want no controversy? Clean up your act." This is what you get from media when they are told to shape up.

Again, a classic example of a kettle calling the teapot black.

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  1. I agree. 25 years since 1986, they still subsist on yellow journalism. I'm talking not just about tabloids or talk radio. It is up there in TV primetime news and certain broadsheets.

    "Tingnan niyo, mga Kapuso, o!"

    One good example is the hostage-taking in a bus in Manila. It was a feast!

    Even the KBP might be toothless. All it visibly does is hand out awards to various people each year. Do they really determine THE number one station? In what way do they police their ranks? How do they ensure their members follow their code of ethics? Do they have seminars to upgrade the critical thinking skills of their members? Better still, do they put an effort to
    improve the critical thinking skills of their audience?

    It is said that TV is a medium, because it rarely is well-done.