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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Noynoy, Have You Ever Been In Love?

This supersedes the last Dear Noynoy letter I wrote you.

I admit the first letter spoke of fear and of doubt on my decision of voting for you. That if you screw up, I may not be able to believe in this democratic exercise again.

I guess many of those who supported you are as apprehensive. But it is true what Kiko Pangilinan said yesterday that GMA leaving Malacanang is having half of the problem solved.

I read a very good article recently about love of country. That advanced economies in the eastern world have this as foundation of all things in their respective country. I guess that's what you get being in a continent intoxicated with religion (India, to have been the first to be described as such). The Philippines is also intoxicated with religion, but unfortunately here, love of God doesn't extend to love of countrymen.

Noynoy, have you ever been in love? As in so in love you can walk on air or water? Celine Dione hits the bullesye singing: "Some place that you aint leaving. Somewhere you're gonna stay. When you finally found the meaning. Have you ever felt this way?" That is the kind of love this country needs.

Have half of that kind of love for this country and we will all run to you for marriage.

No, we cannot pay our debts with love. No, love alone cannot keep our people fed. No, we cannot move the economy with high stocks on love. No, love alone cannot educate the youth right.

But love makes us compassionate. Love moves us to do good, not just right. No, I do not expect you to do the right things every time. I only expect you to do what is good for the majority all the time.

And lastly, you don't screw the one you love. You...


  1. You don't say the words. You just do it like a prayer. :) Thanks, Don Dee.