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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Live More, Live With Less

Having eaten pink salmon two days in a row, I realized pink salmon is best eaten raw.

Yesterday lunch, we had shake sashimi (that melts in one's mouth better than M&M's) at Teriyaki Boy. This morning for breakfast, I had smoked salmon sandwich I picked up from The Bellevue. And I wonder why people bother with greasy horrors!

(Of course, when you talk about breakfast, McDonald's brewed is my bestfriend.)

Back in the days when I was still working in Makati (there at C.Palanca), breakfast and lunch meant a trip down the building to the "original" Jollijeep parked at the backstreets. There all pretenses of the corporate world were stripped down. And boy was it good!

Comparing the days when I was receiving a minimum wage and now, my eating habits haven't really changed much. What changed only is where I eat. Does inflation bother me? No, I rise above it.

People always complain about not having enough, not fully realizing that the key to prosperity is one's conscious effort to limit their desires. The truly rich people are not those who can buy everything they want. The truly rich people are those who can live happily with a lot, lot less.

Some of my friends go around with LV bags, Nine West shoes, Lacoste shirts, and i-pads. Surely they can afford them and will always want the best of those. We don't blame them for having the money to spend. It is their business. I get irked only when they complain about the huge Meralco bills and their kids' tuition fees.

I can live without the tags and the brands. But when it comes to food, I don't ask about the price.

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