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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

"Juan Time" and PST

I find it awkward that Philippine Daily Inquirer's editorial focuses on respecting time and the "Filipino Time."

Today is the day after #PrayforthePhilippines made it to Twitterlandia's trending topic worldwide, the day after Pedring "shut down Metro, lashed Luzon." Even Paulo Coelho tweeted "I join the group, and I just prayed. #PrayforthePhilippines."

What happened to PDI? Suddenly, it has become more important to remind people to be on time than to be prepared for calamities. Or are we done with the obvious?

Be that as it may, the editorial has led me to check my time if it is in accordance to the Philippine Standard Time which is found in the PAGASA website ( I found the time in my computer a minute late, in my cellphone four minutes advanced. Now, I have all my time under PST. And so will all the clocks at the office and at home.

Going off on a tangent, it might seem, today's editorial has taught me something major enough to be bothered by it.

It has also come to my attention that the Department of Science and Technology is pushing for a new "Filipino Time" and it is called "Juan Time." "With Juan Time, Filipino time will come to mean 'on time,' and no longer late," as quoted from DOST Secretary Mario Montejo.

Being on time all the time is not something that may be taught in business training camps. Being punctual is part of an individual's make-up like respect, dignity, honesty and patience. And I'm betting 5 Sing Dollars that those who give a hoot about an editorial on respecting time after a day of Twitter-worthy calamity are the same people who have it in themselves since the day their folks showed and taught them punctuality and respect by example.

Why SD 5.00? It's all I've got in my wallet.

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  1. Me and my partner were to pick up 3 German technicians from their hotel to ferry them to the jobsite. We were 5 minutes too early. But 2 of the 3 were already in the lobby. So I asked one of them if I should buzz the third one from the front desk. The German asked me what time it was. I said 5 minutes before the appointed time. You know what he said? No need for me to buzz him, he will be down, he is GERMAN! I wish I had such confidence on my fellow Pinoys.