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Friday, September 23, 2011

Spilt Milk and Nephews

Two nights ago I had to change bedsheets and pillow cases twice within a 5-minute interval. My nephews (one, 5; the other 3) raided my bedroom again to check on Facebook which is actually Youtube, going gaga over The Annoying Orange. I wouldn't be bothered to correct them.

(A day later after this post, I explained to my 3-year-old nephew that it isn't Facebook, but Youtube that brings him his favorite videos. Now, Youtube has become part of his growing vocabulary.)

Both brought with them their milk. And when you have the kids, glass of milk and bed combo, the inevitable happens: spilled milk on the bed. The younger kid placed his glass on the bed and with his flailing hands knocked the glass down. Wet sheets, wet shorts, freaked-out aunt. "Hindi ko sinasadya!" was the 3-year-old's quick defense. Fine, let's just change the sheets and you go downstairs to Nanay and change your clothes. Both of you!

Both kids went downstairs. I changed the sheet and pillow cases. A couple of minutes later, the little tyrants returned with their fresh glass of milk. !!!???##$%$%$!!!

"Ate, di pa kami tapos uminom ng gatas, e." OK, but just be careful this time. The younger one, glass of milk in hand, took his place by the bed table where my sister checked the real Facebook. The older nephew found his place next to the younger one, moved a little too briskly and hit the younger one's back and the kid went off-balance and spilled the milk on my bed the second time.

Now, please, tell me, what does a normal person say to that?

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