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Friday, September 2, 2011

MTV: Mars Tribute Valerie

Monday morning, August 29, I was looking forward to watching the live telecast of MTV VMA, it being a holiday. The day before, I checked the schedule over MTV Asia website where it announced that Singapore, Philippines, and Malaysia live telecast will be at 9 AM.

Five minutes after 9, I was infront of the TV surfing the channels. Honestly, I don't know our cable TV channel assignments. I never cared. I'm not a TV person. I rounded the whole 2 to 100 channels thrice but there was no MTV. There was MYX, but no MTV.

Then came my brother into the house. He is the music video guy in the family. So I asked the dude. And I got this for a reply: (Rolling his eyes) "Ano ka ba, Ate, nung isang taon pa walang MTV sa Pilipinas!"

Okay, that's sweet. How come I didn't get the memo?

As a teenager, I grew up infront of MTV when music videos meant something to the song for which it was made. Then music videos became experimental. An experiment on the best way to make you blind with awful visual effects. An experiment to find out what would make you puke first, sex or violence? So I quit watching.

These days, I heard that MTV is more thrash than music. That viewers are begging for the people behind the music channel to bring back the "M" in MTV. For in the past years, MTV has become "More Thrash (than) Videos."

Going back to MTV VMA. I'm a shameless Bruno Mars Twitter follower. At home, ours "is a sky full of lighters" where my nephews sing to "The Lazy Song" "Oh my God, this is great!" 24/7. It is therefore imperative that through Bruno Mars' tweet I found out about the MTV Video Music Awards night. And the cutie would be performing. It would be a treat for my nephews to see Bruno live.

But then again, MTV Pilipinas is dead. So I Googled for some live VMA streaming. Useless. I went to Twitter and there was a gold mine of links. Success!

What did I see? Bruno Mars came on to pay tribute to Amy Winehouse, the British music sensation who died of "yet to be determined cause" at age 27 last July. The same girl who took the song "Rehab" to the top of the charts worldwide. The same girl who admitted to having cocaine addiction and alcohol abuse. The same girl who signed up for the Forever 27 Club whose members include Kurt Cobain, Jimi Hendrix, and Jim Morrison who all died at the peak of their career at age 27.

And ladies and gentlemen, Bruno Mars, 25, the one giving the tribute is the same guy who has pleaded guilty of cocaine possession in Las Vegas. Good work, MTV!

Bruno Mars is my celebrity crush and I love him to destruction. I pray to God each night that the stigma of this cocaine incident will go away and what remain only are his musicality, creativity, sensitivity, and humanity.

There, written like a fan mail.

Bruno Mars singing "Valerie," one of Amy Winehouse's songs, at iHeartRadio in Las Vegas. Couldn't find a decent YT of the MTV VMA performance.

Amy Winehouse singing "Rehab" at the Late Show with David Letterman in 2007.

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