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Friday, June 8, 2012

Playing Shaider of Morality, Justice, and Human Rights

Suddenly I'm scared to say what I mean and mean what I say.

Suddenly everyone has become vanguards of morality, and policemen of human rights.

Just recently:

1. Justin Bieber called Indonesia "some random country."

2. Miriam Quiambao quoted the Bible and said homosexuality is a "lie from the devil."

3.  Manny Pacquiao gave an opinion that he is against gay marriage.

4. Tony Gonzaga admitted she stopped listening to Lady Gaga because the latter's music has spawned "double meanings."

5. Bayo, the clothing company, launched "What's your mix?" campaign insinuating that a mixed blood between Filipino and another (Australian, Chinese, Indian, British, American) is a sure-fire formula to becoming beautiful.

All of the above have been stoned. Never mind who cast the first one.

This is not to agree with their opinions. This is to allow them their opinions.

Granted that their platform is wrong. Granted that their grammar is horrible. Granted that their ideals are misplaced. Who are we to stand perfect?

Grant that they have the moral obligation to society, to speak fairly and just, to be the role model.

But as members of society now, what have we done to deserve leaders we expect to be in the company of Plato, Alexander the Great, Mahatma Gandhi, Rizal, Martin Luther King, Siddhartha...JESUS!

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