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Monday, July 11, 2011

Something Borrowed Debunks Stereotypes

I wanted a light weekend so I went to the bookstore and grabbed some light reading. I ended up with Emily Giffin's Something Borrowed.

My verdict: it is worth the time and money. Better than She's Come Undone which has given me some headache. The latter bordering on the grotesque; the former on Cindi-fuckin-rella. (Oh, I just love the Kit character in Pretty Woman!)

One of the reviews (Yes, I read the reviews on the extra pages when the book impresses me to find out what other people have to say.), says it is "a modern fairy tale." Good thing I had not read the reviews before reading the novel or I would have figured out right away what the ending would be.

The novel talks about putting oneself in a box with a label that says "average" on it. I am average so I expect to attract average things - men, work, life. The average female meets a god-turned-human male and she goes running away. She comes in contact with him knowing and believing no-can-do. I'm too plain. He is perfect.

It reminds me of a reply on a query trending on twitter last week - #relationshipsendbecause "you come into it thinking it won't last." It is the curse of the stereotype.

This "I'm not good enough" mentality has caused a lot of people where they are now: unfulfilled, unhappy, alone.

It is as if taking chances kills. It is as if believing in oneself is a crime.

I love the way that the ending is fairytale-ish but the author is unlike Beecher-Stowe who leaves you empty. The ending is happy but not after having the characters undergo realistic pursuits to achieve it. The happy ending is not manna from heaven. The happy ending is a full meal after a whole day of relentless toil.

I guess I'm going to the bookstore to get its sequel: Something Blue.

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