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Friday, July 22, 2011

Newspapers Going Irrelevant

Shockingly, the Philippine Daily Inquirer today features two old articles. I can't call them "news" because...well...they're old.

First, the 2011 Space Odyssey in its final landing at Kennedy Space Center. Sheesum! This piece of article, and everything that could be extracted from it, was all over the net days and days ago. Hasn't the PDI desk heard about the internet? That thing that gives you news and information and gossips the second they happen?

I know there is reason for the delay. There has to be one to commit this huge a blunder. But if it is SOP they are bothered about, time to change it and be relevant.

Second, Emma Watson, Hermione for those HP idolaters, is going back to Brown University. Not that I give a hoot about this piece of info. It is just I've known this a week ago. Now, PDI, please, please, give me something I don't know yet.

Ms. Marixi Prieto has to start holding some honest-to-goodness mancom meetings.

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