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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Day of Independence

Like air, we take this for granted. We have become too accustomed to things that we disregard their importance because as far as our lifetime is concerned, they have always been around anyway. Not having them seems legendary, beyond our reach and understanding.

Truths about them are stored safely and conveniently in books, movies and memories of the old folks. Let them stay where they are. Thank you.

I am guilty of feeling the same. I cannot see the importance and logic of remembrance and commemoration of the past. We have the present to mind. The present is not the result of what was done in the past. That I dare say. It's been a hundred and thirteen years since 1898 when this country's independence was declared. What we have now - a shameful state of what we have become - cannot be attributed to that fateful year.

What we have now is the result of what we have allowed to happen, of what we have tolerated to continue. Not even Superman with the Justice League in tow can change what we refuse to change: ourselves.

For only he who holds the knife to his throat can put the blade away.

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  1. To commemorate the day, me and GF had dinner at the KKK resto. Disappointed. Poor service. Didn't even get the pinakbet order. A little off-topic, I know.