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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Easy Cong, Bibin-jing Ur-Ar, Enti-ting

My sister and I were teaching our nephews Filipino nursery songs using Youtube. On to our third song, my two year old nephew got bored and said, "Tita, easy cong kanta." Anong "easy cong?" I asked. "Easy cong," he repeated. "ABC?" my sister asked. "Easy cong!" "Ano ngang "easy cong?," my sis and I both asked.

"Easy cong Bruno Mars!" Ahh!

My nephew is a certified crazy Bruno Mars fan. He wants Bruno Mars on the radio, on music videos, on Youtube, on television.

He can name three of Bruno Mars' songs in one note, namely: Bibin-jing ur-ar, Enti-ting and Easy Cong.

Must you know what those songs are, they are "Just the Way You Are," "The Lazy Song," and "Grenade," respectively.

Wisdom Tooth Fairy (WTF)? Go figure.

(And yes, he can pronounce the singer's name perfectly well.)

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