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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

In Medias Res

I don't know why you still love me or why you've even started to do so some ten years ago.

Last time I checked only technology defies time and space. Not love.

Love, as most people know it, withers over time regardless of the intensity it was ushered in.

Love, as we know it, forgets when absence becomes permanent.

Love, as we know it, looks the other way and finds another -- over time when reason rules over faith.

But you must really love me to remember the smallest detail that could have easily been forgotten about me. (Like the night I was embarrassingly drunk and sung "Crazy For You" to you.)

You must really love me to allow yourself want something you know you cannot have and not care about its futility.

As for me, I love you beyond the physical, the psychological and the emotional.

I love you not for the same reason and the same way I've loved the others before and after you.

I love you because if I don't, my life here will be a worthless sail across an endless voyage.

You happened to me in medias res. Like a story starting in the middle, my life started when you happened.

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