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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

If We All Know For Sure

If we all know for sure what will become of us after death, then there is no need for faith.

If we all know for sure what is the right religion and whose teaching is the truth, then there is no need for faith.

These wonderful seeds of wisdom came from a rabbi. How long have I been a Catholic and not heard these exact words? How many times have I attended Pentecostal services and not heard these words? How many times have I praised God with the Baptists and Protestants and not been offered this humble truth?

All these time I was looking for something unequivocal to believe in. All these time I was looking for meaning and purpose. And it hit me cold in the gut just when I least expected it.

There has to be something bigger than the biggest, higher than the highest. There must be something before zero and something beyond eternity.

When I die and find myself God's favorite whom God will give one gift - the gift that allows me to come back to life with a high definition video of an interview with Him in Heaven and unbelievable footages of Heaven and his saints - I will let pass the opportunity. Not out selfishness, but love. I will not come back to tell the world that God does exist for sure. For this shall diminish His glory and surely will do disservice to the faithful.

Faith is the greatest gift we can offer God for the opportunity of being born. Faith is the only way we can show our love to the one Almighty God who rears our heads when we sleep, takes away our pain when we rest, clears our path before we set forth, puts a rainbow when someone rains on our parade, provides food on our table, gives us appetite when we cannot eat, lulls us to sleep when we're done counting sheep, pats our shoulders when our boss forgets, takes the wheel when we overdrive, steps on the brake when we miss the hump, lights our path when we get lost.

No, I didn't just wake up one day and found myself a Jew. I woke up one day knowing what faith is. Faith is what we find before zero. Faith is what lies ahead after infinity. And everything in between is God's love. God's love is His presence without us seeing Him. Without God there is only absence of everything. And this absence is what makes the world unattractive and evil.

Hate is the absence of love.
War is the absence of peace.
Darkness is the absence of light.
Sadness is the absence of joy.
Sickness is the absence of health.
Death is the absence of life.
Ugliness is the absence of beauty.

Love is the presence of God.
Peace is the presence of God.
Light is the presence of God.
Joy is the presence of God.
Health is the presence of God.
Life is the presence of God.
Beauty is the presence of God.

I didn't wake up to find myself a new person. I woke up and discovered my Temple.

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