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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Blank Certificate

I'm not done.

How does one feel to receive a blank certificate?

I was insulted.

A week ago I received an e-mail reminding me to pick up my certificate from a conference where I was one of the paper presenters. I worked on that paper for a month and braved a typhoon to present it.

And what do I get for the effort? A blank certificate.

The person who handed me the certificate apologized for not having my name written on it. He said they were afraid they might have my name wrong. Excuse me??? My name was everywhere in your program, in your souvenir pamphlets, in my EMAILS to you, in your EMAILS to me, in my bionote, and in my face you made that excuse?

I know it was not the man's fault if the organizers were inefficient. So I didn't lash out at him. But on our way out, my friend, who was with me, said I should have. She said it was both insulting and disrespectful. She's part of several events organizations and she knows what she's talking about. A big event like what I have been a part of should have competent people. Never mind respect, mind only that they do their jobs right so that certificate issuance is done correctly.

And it has been three months!

Of course, I have a good mind to give them my feedback. It is a gift.

University of the Philippines Diliman, when will you ever stop disappointing me this week?

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