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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Crabs and Turncoats

it's day 4 and i'm still not disappointed. never mind the wangwang. people are awed by it. if you are to believe interviews, commuters and drivers with whom he shares the road feel great about it. why rain on other people's parade? i'd give away 10 grande cups of latte decaf to share EDSA with him. (kaso kadalasan hanggang alabang lang ako at kung luluwas man sa C5 ang daan.) if he dies in EDSA (which I doubt), then we can rename it to PNOY. our premier international airport is named after his father who died at the tarmac. we may as well name after him the country's most popular and historical highway if he does die there being too chivalrous and all. but this is morbid. people ought to stop being pessimistic. people die even in their sleep, haven't you heard?

a lot of intelligent people say noynoy shouldn't have appointed this person to this post. and that he should have named this person to this department instead. guess, what. why not try to win a landslide election first then you do what you think is right. you can even tell the people you're my chief, instead of saying you're my boss.

a lot of turncoats in the government? i'm telling you, there are more crabs in this country than there are turncoats in the cabinet.


  1. lol. Right on the money. And the worst criticisms, I believe, come from the very same people who thought Gloria could do no wrong. Go figure.

  2. I heard Jesli Lapuz being interviewed over the weekend. Didn't hear the question he was asked but he was blabbering about how DepEd and LGUs can solve the problems in public education - lack of classrooms, etc. He said it could be done even in a year's time. wtf?? he had his turn, what did he do? now, these people from GMA's cabinet from hell really have to nerve to be talking!!