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Monday, July 5, 2010

Food Poisoning, Eclipse and Catharsis

I got food poisoned last week and went to Asian Hospital two days later. I wouldn't have gone to the hospital had my friend from the office not dragged me almost literally to it. I'm good now, although, still semi-dehydrated. I drink Gatorade instead of coffee in the morning. I also take Hydrite dissolved in water at meal time. I'm still weak and have muscle pain here and there; a little numbing of the hands during my waking hours. But I will live.

While waiting for the hundred lab test results (three vials of blood needled out of me in one go! No way I'd ever donate blood!) last Friday and for me to consult with the doctor again, I decided to go watch bloody Eclipse. Alone. What would have I done? Watch the KC-Gabby-Jericho movie instead? Of the dozen cinemas at Festival Mall, only 3 weren't showing Eclipse. I wouldn't want to watch Toy Story 3 alone. That would be way too sad. Besides, I plan to watch it with my nephews.

A lot of digitally enhanced and beautified people who can't act. "You know, I'm hotter than you," said a male character to another male. WTF? Did I just miss that line in the book? The tent scene reeked of Brokeback. Now I get what a review meant by it. Two males with a frozen female in the middle. And the men discussing "hotness" - to each other.

And the vampires who died where marble-like when their body parts were severed in battle. If the Cullens are anything like them, from where do their body fluids come - Rosalie's tears, Edward's kiss juices and that other liquid when he finally succumbs to the call of the flesh? Answer: Suspend your disbelief. Just enjoy the eye candies. Ugh!

This is the movie that broke all-time midnight showing box office records! Whatever that means.

But if there's any consolation, the movie is pure cathartic. Imagine a tragedy that befalls vampires despite beauty, strength, power and wealth. Our little every day crisis seems childish and teenish in comparison. OK, my lit crit prof has just shot me.

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