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Friday, May 20, 2011

All Gone Wrong

In the past, I have been part of an advocacy telling the youth to stay in the country to help build the nation. But now I tell them: go where you think you will be at your best where you can be of help to your family and the society where you live. It doesn’t matter where it is, either here or overseas.

It is sad to see our great men and women stuck in the wrong country, each day effortlessly destroying itself with greed and indifference. The very few at the top have no balls, never mind not having hair, but balls, we need balls! The very few at the top with balls have no support from below. Decadence starts at the base up to the middle.

Andres Bonifacio was born in the wrong country. Jose Rizal died for the wrong country.

I'm packing up soon.

See you in Mars!


  1. It is precisely because the NATION IS BROKEN why we need people to BUILD IT! And you are leaving it to the nincompoops to fix it?

  2. This morning a street kid was ahead of me queueing at a community grocery check- out counter. He had to go back inside the store because his 20-peso bill had fallen out of his pocket. He only had coins left. He counted the coins; he was short by P4.50. He moved to return a sachet of Champion detergent powder. I meant to stop him and to offer to pay for it, but the cashier beat me to it. She said it was OK, she'd cover it for him. I looked at the cashier, a dark, scrawny girl fresh from high school who must have been forced by circumstance to work and give up college education. Both of them smiled. I was humbled. This country has hope. But we should stop looking at the top for the solution. It is found in the poorest in our midst.

  3. And to this I agree. I've given up on ALL politicians. Why seek an office that costs more than the offered legal income? Something is wrong somewhere. Not just here, but everywhere else. But remember too that it was not politicians that rebuilt Japan and Germany from the devastation of World War 2. There was no great prime minister or chancellor that you can point out too who made those 2 countries great again. It was Toyota, Sony, BMW, Mercedes, etc. It was the private sector that carried the burden. It was private citizens doing hard work in whatever job it is that they do.

    So work hard and play nice. The country depends on it.