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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Students Today Should Have Their Own "Nilo Rosas"

As a child, I remember waking up early on a school day despite the rains, the typhoon, the thunder, and any form of weather disturbance, hoping to hear the soothing, re-assuring voice of Mr. Nilo Rosas declaring classes are cancelled for the day in all levels. His was the only voice listened to, anticipated for, and was never questioned, during calamities.

These days?

Whoever decided to change the old system must be nuts, was never a child, and wasn't thinking right.

These days, you wait for DepEd announcements for pre-school, grade school and high school class cancellations. For college, you wait for CHED. Well, good luck with CHED. This government institution doesn't even have an official Twitter Account. If you're lucky, local government units headed by the Mayor would issue an announcement at 9 AM when everyone is already in school.

No one wants to be accountable. Kanya-kanyang declaration. Now, they are proposing that announcements should come from barangay officials. Just what are the chances that your school is located in your own barangay? Many college students who study in Manila live as far as Cavite and Bulacan, haven't they heard? Will all barangay officials call the radio stations to make their individual announcements? There are hundreds of them in NCR alone. Will you leave it to school officials to make the decision and announcements? There are thousands of them! Besides, it is inefficient! You want the schools to text all its students about class cancellations. Do you know how much that will contribute to the school's overhead, when a single point of contact from the government will do, for free and more efficiently?

Common sense is so uncommon these days!  

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