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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Who Do You Go Home For?

"Para kanino ka gumigising?" Zsa Zsa Padilla recalled a TV ad which she now relates to her situation. It is a sad thought to have no one and nothing to serve as your reason to face the day with a smile, even with a scowl. The important thing is you get up and go despite. It is a sad state we are in when we just refuse to get out of bed to hide, to refuse to live because...

I don't have problems getting up in the morning for all the duties I have to attend to at work. I love my job. Seriously now.

But when half of the day closes and you're done, the other half of your life in a day draws in. Do you go home right away or while away the time, pushing the pause button of your life and allow traffic jam in EDSA, SLEX or NLEX to give you an excuse for it?

Or do you brave the rush to go home for, not to, people closest to your heart?

These are who and what I go home for:

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