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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Got Stuck, Got Flooded, Got Rained Down

Why don't I listen to typhoon forecasts anymore? Have I been too courageous to care or simply too careless to mistake such action for courage?

My younger nephew, the 2-year-old, has thrown some tantrums again. He wanted fried chicken and he wanted it the Jollibee way and no other way. The nearest Jollibee is in Pacita, about two barangays away from us. I was too tired to drive having just arrived from a long one from Eastwood to home. So we asked my brother to take us in his tricycle. Half way, the rain went nuts and fell like nuts. We stopped by a covered court where ukay-ukay was spread pole to pole selling anything one can dare to wear.

The rain pounded hard on the galvanized iron roof and water splashed on everything including us. I was in shorts and tiny top, my nephew in sando and shorts, my brother, oh forget my brother, he's a huge one he wouldn't be bothered even by Noah's flood. I bought a jacket for 250 pesos and an Ironman bonnet for 60. My nephew got to wear the jacket I bought for myself and I the bonnet I bought for him.

The rain wouldn't let up. Lightning struck even. Thunder came before that. We were stuck. My nephew still pined for Jollibee. Blast Jollibee to smithereens! It is that bug's fault we were neither home nor safe.

Some more thunder and lightning and my nephew changed tune. He wanted to go home. But there was no relief in there. We were still stuck just not with Jollibee.

After a few minutes the rain subsided a little. This happened without a prayer. It was just the rain. You don't bother God with small stuff like that. It is one of those occasions when God moves without you looking up or whispering some incantations. It is one of those dark days (literally now) when God brings the light on His own without us asking. He knows before we do. He knows before we utter the first words. I couldn't help it. I have to compliment the Big Guy for a great job.

On our way home we were welcomed by floods on the street I had to lift my feet up to the hand rail of the tricycle. My nephew was so amazed he exclaimed: "Ate, swimming pool!" At 2, my nephew has perfect diction. With perfect -s and perfect aspirated -p sounds.

It was dark. It was cold. It was wet. It was fun. We were singing my nephew's favorite song with the accompanying head movements: Bruno Mars' "The Lazy Song."

"Today I don't feel like doing anything.
"I just wanna lay in my bed.
"Don't feel like picking up my phone, so leave a message at the tone,
"'Cause today I swear I'm not doing anything.
"Nothing at all. Hoo! Hoo!"

We arrived home and had dinner of freshly cooked rice and sardines fresh from the can.

Life is beautiful! Even in the dark, even with floods, even with thunder, even with lightning.

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