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Friday, May 20, 2011

Not Cute

"We really need these reforms (improve the health, earnings and working conditions of bus drivers) to avoid further accidents. They work for so long. That's why they're very tired and are prone to accidents because of these...working conditions...You yourselves, do you want to work for 14 hours? That's not normal," said Labor Undersecretary Lourdes Trasmonte. (PDI, May 20, 2011)

Labor Secretary Rosalinda Baldoz also said that an interagency team composed of representatives from Department of Labor, National Wages and Productivity Commission, the Bureau of Working Conditions, and the Institute for Labor Studies would look into giving additional incentives for drivers on top of fixed above minimum wage so that drivers would be more careful in their driving.


These drivers kill and don't care and you justify their actions because they're overworked and underpaid? I know a lot of employees who suffer the same fate -- teachers -- but I have not heard of one who killed a student or co-worker for being under these conditions.

And you not only justify the actions of these drivers, you also would want to reward them. This is insulting!

What message is this government sending its people? You ambush a tourist bus and kill the passengers so you and the likes of you get more attention and benefits? You drive like the devil and run over innocent people and kill passengers so that you will be given good working conditions?

Cee Lo Green, sing to them, please!!!

"I see you driving ’round town
"With the girl i love and i’m like,
"Fcuk you!"

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