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Monday, September 20, 2010

Kawawang Gobyerno

Too fast for HK lawmaker. The Incident Investigation and Review Committee report that is.

There really is nothing we can and will do that will satisfy them, is there?

"Why China first? Solons ask Palace."

The National Union of Jounalists of the Philippines (NUJP) "warns government about haling media to court over hostage crisis coverage."

There really is nothing this government can and will do that will merit a tiny bit of positive outlook, is there?


  1. It is protocol that the victims be informed first before the general public (and we let China do that task). PNoy's government should tell the public that. His spokespeople are idiots (and totally useless). Fire them as well.

    As for the media? The public has had enough of them (right minded people anyway). I only watch the news now so I can criticize (lol). If they can not be RESPONSIBLE with their PRESS FREEDOM, there ought to be laws to COMPEL THEM. Hail them to court. Cuff 'em like the ordinary criminals that they are. Susan Enriquez and whoever else there was giving the blow by blow account be damned.

  2. I agree totally. Particularly on his messengers. They're imbecile. This is exactly what Noynoy's non-believers feared during the campaign. Noynoy means well. HIs sincerity cannot be questioned. But the people around him are either ignoramuses or plain trapos. WE HAVE GOT TO DO SOMETHING! Sigh. If only...