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Monday, August 26, 2013

Anti-Epal Law? Just Scrap Pork.

Mr. President, 

You don't need to admit it, but quite a number of people know it. You need PORK to bribe senators, congressmen, and the powers-that-be to pave your dream "daang matuwid." You need PORK as a carrot to push the rabbits, nay, the crocs to do your bidding. 

I wouldn't be surprised if you used PORK to ensure Corona gets impeached. You used PORK to get more allies. Mr. President, seriously, aren't the majority of the Filipinos, those who voted for you, not enough to cover your back? Aren't we enough to stand by you while you do the right things you promised in your campaign? We have your back. You do not need the dirty, greedy politicians. 

Just scrap the goddam pork! Enough of the Mayors and Congressmen and Senators putting up Pamantasan ng Lungsod/Baryo/Iskinita ng ___ then marking school buildings as Gusali ni Mayor/Senador/Gov/Cong. Enough of Mayors/Govs/Senators/Congs distributing ambulances for I have not seen a public ambulance that has no politician's name on it! Enough of every bit of public infrastructure from roads, to footbridges, to day-care centers, to public markets, to bridges, to basketball courts with names of politicians on it! Enough of putting name tags on every property bought and acquired using OUR money! 

Anti-epal law? That will be the thing of the past, if you scrap pork. So save people's money and people's ears from Sen. Miriam Santiago's grandstanding about her anti-epal bill.

Let your agencies do their work. Let CHED, TESDA and DepEd build schools and provide scholarships. Let DPWH build infrastructures (and allot one CCTV for every 10 employees of this agency, too.) Triple the manpower count of COA. Let DOH provide for ambulances and other medical needs to cities up to and down to the remotest of villages. Let DSWD provide for the emergency needs of the poor and even the not so poor - from the simple fare to one's province to caskets and burial expenses. Let NHA build houses for the disenfranchised, but I don't mean here the informal settlers. Let DENR take care of the environment. Let DA take care of the farmers. 

You are not going to be the president forever. Scrap pork in your term so that the next government regardless of its president will be hard put to undo it. If you scrap it, the Filipino may be assured that those running for public office will not be running after PORK.

So just SCRAP it!

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