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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Noynoying, Really?

What do I say? Pnoy's administration is full of activities and drama. And here's the President mocked for "Noynoying"!

A year ago in November, we saw how GMA was trumped from leaving the country despite Supreme Court's order allowing her to seek medical treatment abroad. DOJ Secretary Leila De Lima just wouldn't be taken for a fool, disbarment or not.

A few days before Christmas last year, Renato Corona, the 23rd Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of the Philippines, was impeached.

And more debates delivered grandstanding senators on the Reproductive Health Bill. We saw one cry. The same was caught plagiarizing twice.

Then just recently, the passing of the Anti-Cybercrime Law. All twitter-verse broke loose, blog-dom came down, FB and the vast Internet raised arms! Bill author and supporters turned the coat and pleaded amendments. Shortly, Supreme Court issued TRO for 120 days.

Then about a week ago, Senator Ralph Recto got the boot for watering down the Sin Tax bill that would have delivered 60B in revenues aimed to support health services for those afflicted by smoking and drinking related diseases. Senator Franklin Drilon took over.

This year, global creditors, financial and business analysts and institutions gave the Philippines thumbs-ups, taps on the back, positive ratings, and rave reviews. Of course, our dear OFWs are always quick to take the credit. Oooppss! Hey! Anti-Cybercrime Law TRO is in effect!

Then there's E.O. 79 institutionalizing and implementing reforms in mining in the Philippines.

A couple of months ago, the 24th Chief Justice of the Philippines was named. A female who has been widely criticized for her audacity to display her faith during official functions.

Gloria Arroyo on hospital arrest. This lady gets sick on special occasions: Pnoy's SONA, Corona impeachment trial, arraignments, etc. But when lull time, you get to see her enjoying the spa in Tagaytay! This is one sick joke. PDI editorial hits the bulls eye today, "But if Arroyo is truly ill, why is she running for Congress the second time?"

On its second reading, K to 12 has just been approved by Congress as of this writing.

And of course, there's China Crisis. Political Dynasties reload. Local Elections. Grace Padaca in COMELEC. Bam Aquino, Pnoy's nephew and Noynoy Aquino look-alike is running for senator. THERE IS NO WAY IN THE WORLD I AM GOING TO VOTE FOR THIS ONE. Manny Pangilinan throwing tantrums...

Well,'s been two years?

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  1. Apparently, the Philippines will soon lose its USAID take. Our economy is so good, that we will soon be leveled up out of the beggar state. Siempre, mga kontra PNoy will still think that is a BAD THING! Tingnan nyo, dahil ginalingan nya, nawalan tuloy tayo ng limos. There simply is no pleasing some people.